Monday, February 25, 2013

An unexplained explosion of exquisite purple yarn

Oh dear. It all started innocently enough. I was flicking through my pattern books at home, and came across this lovely dress, called Dapple, in Nectar by Kim Hargreaves.


I'm a bit fuzzy on what happened next, but I suspect it may have involved a trip to the yarn store, because now lying on my bed is this:

Purple Sublime Yarn

Oh no - how simply ghastly! A whole pile of cashmere merino silk, just sitting there. Oh well, I guess that despite my memory blank, I shall just have to knit it up into a lovely new dress for winter. Couldn't let all that lovely yarn go to waste, after all. That would be criminal!


  1. I may have also accidentally purchased the same yarn recently. I'm making a cardigan for winter. My first proper adult garment. I hope I finish it! I'm certainly no knitting whizz like you!

  2. Cashmere merino silk...yum! A seductive combination that could send me to knitting school!

  3. Totally agree, not going with that yarn would be a crime.

  4. Gorgeous yarn. At least you know you have good taste during your black outs! That dress is so nice, I'd be tempted to knit it too. Don't think the neck would work for me, but that is easy enough to fix - oh for heaven's sake, listen to me trying to talk myself into knitting a dress, when a) I don't have the yarn and b) I'm skint so can't afford the yarn...... dumb knitter woman (smack's forehead tragically).

  5. That dress looks gorgeous! :)

  6. That yarn looks scrumptious. It will make a beautiful dress.

  7. yes! That yarn must be salvaged and made into a dress! Or else it would be a tragic waste.

  8. For once I already have the pattern and yarn in my queue! That never happens! However, your yarn is much posher than mine.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your finished Dapple. I know it will be impressive.

  9. Anonymous2:39 pm

    Liesl, where do you generally buy your yarn from??


  10. Hi Lisa,

    I usually buy my yarn from Sunspun in Canterbury, Morris & Sons in the city, or from Yarn + Co in Fitzroy.

    Hope that helps!


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