Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The lure of the new

Sublime 4 ply merino

Jorth came home from the Sunspun sale, and thrust five balls of Sublime extra fine merino wool 4 ply at a surprised Galumph, who said mildly "Thanks, honey, but deep magenta isn't really my colour."

"It's not for you, you daft git!" said Jorth. "It's for my summer cardi, but you've got to hide it from me. Lock it away if you must, just don't let me near that soft, silky merino goodness or I'll cast on immediately and poor old Grumble's lacy cardigan will stand no chance of being finished!"

Not wanting to trigger a knitting claims war between wife and daughter, Galumph wisely did as he was told. Anything for household peace!


  1. great colour! I've yet to knit a cardigan yet... it's on the list though. I seem to just knit scarves and scarves and scarves.

  2. Hey! I didn't realise you were in my town! Do you frequent any other lovely local haunts? I do have a soft spot for The Button Shop too!


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