Friday, September 21, 2012

She's inherited the crafting gene

A few weeks ago I found myself in Lincraft on urgent thread-buying business (don't pretend you don't know what that's like!) when I stumbled across these doll making kits by studiogirl. The Tyger, who was with me, pounced on them immediately, and asked if she could get one.

Who am I to deny my own offspring crafting opportunities? Plus these dolls were pretty darn cute! So I said yes, on the strictest proviso that it was put away until the school holidays. Tyger faithfully agreed, and the doll was duly placed in a cupboard, with only the occasional sneak peek by Tyger on the sly when she thought I wasn't looking.

Before we knew it, the last day of school had rolled around. Since it rained, we decided to skip the break-up party at the park, and headed on home to relax after a long term.

So there we are, a mere 25 minutes into our usual Friday afternoon (22 minutes of which it took to walk home) and who do you think is crafting away at the kitchen table? That's right, Grumbles. "Hang on a cotton-picking minute!" I said. "I though that doll was meant for the school holidays?"

"Muuuuuum", groaned Tyger with the air of one who can't believe that she's been saddled with such a daft git of a mother, "it is the school holidays." The silent 'Duh!' hung in the air, suffocating my attempts to explain that as far as I was concerned, school holidays officially begin on the Monday, as you would have gotten the weekend regardless.

An hour after that and the kid was done. I don't know whether I should feel exasperated or proud!

Doll studiogirl craft pink happy

Speaking of school holidays, our are jampacked with lots of activites, sleep overs, outings etc so I'm not sure how much I'll be around for the next couple of weeks, but I will try my darndest to pop in because I have loads, absolute buckets of finished projects to show y'all!

Ok, so by 'buckets' I mean two. But trust me, you'll want to see them! Right, I'd best skedaddle and get that Friday night pizza going. I've already slightly burnt the tomato sauce in my rush to do a thousand things at once... no wonder they say that multi-tasking is bad for your brain. To quote from this article, "Something's got to give," says David E. Meyer, PhD, director of the Brain, Cognition, and Action Laboratory at the University of Michigan, in Ann Arbor. "Either your cell phone conversation will suffer or your driving will suffer."

Or in my case, the pizza sauce will suffer. Arrrgggghhhh!


  1. That doll is pretty cute, no wonder Tyger couldn't wait to get started. I bet you feel so proud that you have created a crafter.

  2. Of course she takes after her Mum, she'd be mad not to!

    Enjoy your holidays, the September ones are always the best.

  3. Too cute! Can't wait til my little one is old enough to join in!

  4. Cute! I hope my little man inherited the craft gene too, but I'll have to wait a few years before I see. ;)

  5. yessiree, that girl is yours! and i can totally see why this couldn't hold till monday--that doll is sublime.


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