Thursday, November 25, 2010


Now I don't know what you've been up to of late, but I've been doing lots of walking. I mean, I'm always walking because I don't drive a car, but this time I've taken it a step (heheh!) further and gone bushwalking!

We drove into Wilson's Promontory at dusk, and the place was seriously teeming with wildlife. We saw kangaroos, wallabies, emus and even a dopey looking koala scavenging grasses on the side of the road.

Wilson's Prom 1

After camping that night at Tidal River, we set off the next day to walk to Sealer's Cove. The scenery is magnificent. One minute you are scaling rocky switchbacks, then the next you are walking through bushfire-recovering forest. Before you know it you happen upon a grassy bald known as Windy Saddle, then you plunge into untouched rainforest before heading down to the desolate beach. Phenomenal.

Wilson's Prom 2

That evening we met a charming Italian guy (hi Francesco!) who had hurt his knee, and run out of food and water. We shared out foodstuffs with him, and walked out together in the morning. Not only was he fantastic company, but I've also never seen anybody so enthusiastic about dried apricots. Methinks he was pretty hungry!

Although I'm not a natural camper - I'm not ashamed to say I like my creature comforts - the experience of being in such unspoilt wilderness made any lack of comfort worth it. We're already planning our next expedition, particularly Grumbles who thought she was in heaven. Any recommendations, anybody?


  1. Anonymous11:04 am

    Wow, that looks heavenly. Up here we're in batten-down-the-hatches-holy-cow-it's-cold mode, to the point where walking even the two blocks to the grocery store becomes a major expedition. I think freedom is the thing I miss the most about summer.

  2. Anonymous12:36 pm

    I'm very impressed - that's an intense 'walk'. Even more impressed that you did it with a little one. It's just beautiful down there :)

  3. Isn't the Prom fabulous? I used to live in Gippsland but never made it over there much, probably because I was a kid :-)

  4. Sounds like a really wonderful experience for you all.

  5. Hi, just cruising blogs and came across you! You should plan a walking trip to Tassie sometime. There are SO many wonderful places to go here. I could list loads!

  6. Hello? Is there a Jorth there? ;)

  7. Try the Grampians. You can get a bus up there and there are short or day walks and lots of interesting rocky bits to explore. Cheap campsite or Hostel there as well.


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