Tuesday, November 02, 2010


We're not really into celebrating Halloween here at chez Jorth. In fact, as a holiday it's never really taken off in Australia at all. However, Grumbles has been learning about it at school and has become quite gung-ho about decorating the house.
After she came home and presented me with her umpteenth scribbled pumpkin head ("Look Mum! Isn't it scary? Mum: Um, surrrrre!") I decided to take matters a step further, and enforced a family decorating session on Saturday night. Anything to keep the fambly happy, right?

It was a complete and utter debacle. Galumph, who was in charge of cutting out the face pieces, keep doing them out of the wrong paper. Grumbles decided that pleating paper wasn't really her thing, and kept wandering off to do other things, and I developed a bad case of sticky tape rage.

Due to my sticky tape rage, I actually morphed into a ghoul, berating my poor husband with snitchy comments like "If you don't cut out a black eye instead of a white one, I'll GIVE you a black eye!" We all ended up with a bad case of the Halloween blues, not helped by the fact that the darn decorations wouldn't even stay in place when we tried to hang them up.

I know that you're wondering about the masterpieces we created after all that energy was expended. Let's just say that I'm hanging up my Halloween crafting crown, because they really are pretty crap:
The only thing scary about these is the fact that I insisted on making them in the first place! Bloody Martha Stewart. Never again! I'm sticking to sewing from now on.


  1. Oh, I don't know - the owl is pretty cute! I've never done the Halloween thing - the closest I've ever come was last year when the neighbours brought over lollies for their kids to collect when trick or treating.

    The littlest one (about 3 years old) was dressed up as a ghost and scared the absolute bejeesus out of my dog, Bessie. She barked, growled, then ran inside and wouldn't come back out. Clearly not a Halloween dog.

  2. I'm also not a "halloween" follower - my husband says' 'we're not Americans' - "yes, dear", however, the kids in the street are besotted with the idea - choc' biscuits come in handy. I do, however, have a pumpkin always on the table as a token - I just love pumpkins... hmm

  3. Are you kidding? They are ace! I love them!
    Bravo, Chez Jorth.

  4. Well i like em! Especially the owl :)
    We had heaps of trick or treaters this year, i don't think we've ever had any at the door any other year.

  5. Anonymous1:08 am

    They're lovely :). I adore Hallowe'en, but really if you're going to decorate the house for it it needs to be *haunted*. Cardboard caskets and gravestones in the front yard... I know I saw some tutorials on making papier-mache bones out there... shredded black cloth streamers and faux cobwebs. That kind of thing. Not to mention a dress dummy can become the base for some pretty spooky ghouls :). Of course, if there isn't a legion of trick-or-treaters out and about to enjoy it, I don't know if I'd bother with that, either. Which reminds me to call my brother and see how his Aussie Hallowe'en party went.

  6. Yep, you can always rely on sewing! Mind you that owl is a hoot! ;)

  7. Ingrid2:03 pm

    I don't think they are that bad!
    I agree with the comment that we don't usually celebrate this in Australia but recently the marketeers seem to be pushing the idea.... we had kids come around for sweets and I had to scramble to find anything my little darlings hadn't already gobbled up!


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