Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ride To Work Day!


Don't forget, fellow Australians, that tomorrow is Ride To Work Day! You can bet that I'll be proudly mounting my faithful blue steed (hmmm, that sounded rather wrong!) and pedalling in to work after scoffing my FREE BREAKFAST organised by the good folks at Bicycle Victoria.
If you see me pedalling along, feel free to wave - although I will be honest: I will put the heels in my bike basket and pedal safely in my daggy old sandals.

So that is how you shall know me - I'll be the one with the cool dress but awful shoes, replete with distended stomach doing free coffee/muffin/croissant/fruit salad burps as I ride maybe not so gracefully into work. Still, it beats being stuck in traffic or wedged into somebody's armpit on public transport. Viva la velo!


  1. You are doing well to cycle in those shoes! Great fabric.

  2. Ahhhh look at that sunshine! I miss it, it's all grey skies and fog here.

  3. I too shall be riding my Townie to work in the morning for Ride to Work day! I have about a 5 km ride, and it's so very pleasant, except for the bastard magpie at the end of my street!

  4. If I was capable of riding my bike then I would! The poor thing barely sees me these days, and I miss it so...

    That's one groovy bike you've got by the way!

  5. I'll brave the train and the armpits today. Nice dress!! and I love your bike.

  6. Look at you on your bike in your red heels! Love it.


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