Monday, October 25, 2010

Four sheets to the wind (or a striped, nautical style top!)

Striped Top

I'm totally feeling the nautical vibe this summer, and as soon as I saw this pattern in the 2/2010 Burda Magazine, I knew this top had to be made. In fact, I may* have even uttered a little "Arrrrrr! That top will be better than a frigate off the starboard side with all canon's a-firing!"**

So shiver me timbers, I whipped it up before a sewing mutiny could occur, and I was forced to walk the overlocker plank.

What? Me hearties want the gory details? Well, all hands to deck and set yer sails: here are the deets before you get your fishing lines knickers in a sailor's knot:

Project Details
Pattern: Striped Top from Burda Magazine 2/2010
Fabric: Jersey knit from Tessuti Fabrics

This was a very quick and easy top to sew together. I did add some pleats to the sleeve raglan edge, and this made the neckline fit much better. I made it up in size 34, and didn't add any of the side seam allowances as I find the Burda cut can be a little on the generous side, and I wanted a nice, fitted style top.

*Any excuse to do a crusty old pirate voice!
**Actually, I think most things are better than that particular situation.
***Many thanks to dear husband and all his years of reading/watching Hornblower for the ship shape navy terms.


  1. i like it, very cute!

  2. Suits your figure perfectly!

  3. Verrrry cute (that's my effort at sailor speak - you can just add a few rrrs can't you?).

    It fits perfectly.

  4. I'm a bit worried about just how convincing that crusty old pirate voice sounds. But the top is fabulous...

  5. Its lovley, and fits really well! It would look swell made up in navy!

  6. What a perfect fit and so adorable with the stripes. Fun!

  7. That looks fantastic! You could even make the sleeves shorter and make some lovely versions for summer. I need to find me a pattern for a top like this one.

  8. Anonymous9:51 am

    VERY cute!! And what cute photos of you in it!

  9. Perrrfect me hearty.

  10. Great top and you look fabulous in it. Full marks for that very flexible pose!

  11. Anonymous1:54 pm

    It's lovely! I am severely tempted... (and wishing I had a Burda subscription)

    Love the blog, by the way. Your writing is delicious!

  12. The blouse is very nice and red suits you perfectly!


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