Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Spotty Sewing

Ack! It has not been exactly a barrel of laughs chez Jorth of late. Firstly I got a sore back - which, I can assure you, wasn't enhanced by falling down our stairs a few days later - and so have been seeing a chiro for the last few weeks. She's doing a fabulous job, but oh my goodness my poor stubborn muscles are not liking being forced back into their original configurations, much preferring their lazy, hunching positions thanks very much. I can almost hear them muttering to themselves: "Why let Jorthy stand up nice and straight when she's the one who has made us hunch over a computer/sewing machine/knitting needles for all these years? The crafty old sod deserves all the pain we can give her!" So it's constant hobbling and wincing from me at the moment, hence the lack of, oh gee, any projects whatsoever. Seriously - some mornings sitting down to eat breakfast has been an ordeal, so crafting has been totally out of the question. Sigh.

However I had pretty much reread the entire Bill Bryson oeuvre for want of anything else to do, so not all is lost.

Poor Galumph, meanwhile, did something nasty to his neck on Friday, so he's been flat on his back for the last five days, only raising himself up with moans and groans to see the osteopath, who makes him moan and groan some more. It's been so pathetic around here (truly, there is no other word!) that Grumbles has taken to wringing her hands and declaring to the world at large that "My family is falling apart on me!"
Still, I do feel somewhat better (and more mobile!) today, so I have cut out a new project. Huzzah! Is this, perchance, a sign that life may life soon be returning to normal? I BLOODY WELL HOPE SO!


  1. Sounds like your last few weeks have not been easy. Take care of yourself and have the osteo/chiro's do their magic.

  2. We can only hope you're back to your Jorthy self in no time!

    Osteos and chiros really are worth their weight in gold. :-)

  3. Gack! Sounds like you guys need a hit of good luck. Hope you are all vertical (with a good, straight posture of course) and pain-free very soon.

  4. Hope you are pain-free soon. And that the osteos and chiros make you all better!

  5. Oh I do hope your (and hubby's) back gets better soon - it can be incredibly painful and I totally sympathsise! I hurt mine once jumping into the car in a hurry, and could hardly move for 3 weeks - that's when I took up knitting!

  6. You poor things. I can really sympathise. Cutting out patterns on the floor (carelessly bent over) gave me painful backache for months. Even laying down hurt. And I have crumbling vertebrae in my neck, so the problems I've had there...

    I'm thinking of you both. Be careful right now, and think about how you go about absolutely everything. Even simple things like not bothering to sit down at the pc to check something, instead bending over for a few minutes...don't do it!!

    I was wondering where you were. Get better soon.


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