Monday, August 23, 2010

Green Polly

Green Cardi 1

Green Cardi 2

Green Cardi 3

Fresh off the needles is the first outfit completed for the "Handmade For Grumbles" campaign: a super cute green cotton cardigan for summer, which she is wearing with her Three Way Dress. Yes, yes, I know - it's still freezing cold here, but at my current pace I need to get started early if the poor kid is going to be clothed this summer!
It was quite a quick knit - in fact, it would have been even quicker if I hadn't let the pieces sit around for a couple of weeks whilst I regarded them with a grumpy look and a sore back and decided I would sew them tomorrow, honestly, I'll do it tomorrow, but once I sat down the sewing was done relatively soon. Even picking up all the stitches for the neckband was pretty easy, and that's a job I usually detest.

I didn't bother blocking the pieces in the usual fashion, which is to wet the knitted pieces, carefully pin them to a blocking board, and then leave for at least 24 hours for the pieces to dry. Instead I used a sneaky trick of my own devising, which is to put a wet tea towel over the knitted piece which has been placed on the ironing board, and then iron the billy-oh out of it. I'm sure Elizabeth Zimmerman is rolling in her grave right now, but the technique works for me. And, yes, I'll confess: I do this on all my finished knitted pieces, bad bad me. You're reading the writing of the last of the knitting rebels, folks!

Project Details
Pattern: Polly from Rowan Kids
Yarn: 3 balls of Jo Sharp Soho Summer DK Cotton
Needles: 4mm and 3mm (I used a size down to get gauge)
Button: Shell button from Tessuti Fabrics

Details on Ravely here.


  1. Oh Jorth - You've done it again! What a great cardi & Grumbles looks so cute. Block - what's that? Now I know what I'm doing wrong when sewing up knits. Thanks for the info.

  2. Oh, just gorgeous! Love the green.

  3. It so beautiful, such a lovely green colour too.

  4. Gorgeous little cardi!! I agree with you about picking up neckline stitches, it's a constant frustration. I was also taught the same method for ironing and I have no problem with it (sometimes it's just a steam iron for me!). :-)

  5. Just landed here after chasing someones fav'ing of this little cardi on Ravelry. LOVE it! I've just pulled apart a dress I half knitted in this yarn and I see this cardi in that yarn's future. Off now to check out some of your other posts. Have a happy Monday.

  6. I love it! It is the sweetest little style & colour..great knitting girlfriend!
    I off to check out your blog to see more about the 3 way dress..hope it is there.

  7. Lovely! Pretty and versatile.

  8. Oh what a gorgeous cardi and one of my fave colors too! I nearly always just iron my handknits, although I think my 2 shawls will need a proper blocking!

  9. Stunning. Stunning. And did I say Stunning?

  10. Too Good Ms jorth, love the colour and she looks so happy with it ! Aceness all round i say!

  11. Very pretty, such a beautiful knit for a little girl.

  12. Elizabeth Zimmerman was very practical. I think she would approve, especially when the end result is so lovely.


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