Friday, September 18, 2009

To Do List

1 - Do a gazillion or so loads of washing so everything is clean and ready to be packed. CHECK.

2 - Learn useless French phrases: Ma mère est sous la table, bien sûr! (my mother is under the table, of course!) CHECK.

3 - Mildly freak out about getting on a plane. CHECK CHECKITY CHECK

4 - Feel resididual guilt about the carbon emissions from aforementioned plane, then figure since we haven't owned a car for 6 years, and walk and bike everywhere then we have a few carbon points up our sleeve that we'd surely be entitled to splurge? UM, SORTA CHECK

5 - Warn the good citizens of England, Wales, Germany, France, Switzerland and Denmark that la famille Jorth are coming? NO WAY, WHERE WOULD BE THE FUN IN THAT?!!

Keep an eye on the blog, fellow blogging comrades, as I'm planning on posting on the road. How excited am I? SO EXCITED THAT I MAY START BLOGGING IN NOTHING BUT CAPS, THAT'S HOW EXCITED!


  1. We'll miss you!! Have fun! Oh and i've informed to the UK you're on your way ;) Watch out for the drizzle.

  2. Bon Voyage, Jorth family. We'll miss you but looking forward to your posts from the road.


  3. I feel a pang of intense jealousy. Have fun and make the most of it.

  4. Ditto Gail. Intense jealousy. Wow. Good luck and have fun!!!

  5. Have a wonderful wonderful voyage!

  6. Kim Hood12:59 am

    We in the UK have been warned!
    Have a great time - and make sure you pack a woolly. It is starting to get colder here as we go into autumn (but make sure you have loads of photo space - the colours are beautiful here in the Wyre Forest!)


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