Monday, September 28, 2009

Day Five - Ependes

You know what - I'm pretty darn sure that I could live in Switzerland. The people are friendly, the country is criss-crossed with charming lanes, the next village is only a short stroll away and everything is SO DANG PRETTY!

Take the wee village of Ependes, for example. It has everything that a picture perfect Swiss village needs, except for a shop, but who needs a shop when every house has a vegetable patch, is surrounded by uber-fertile farmland, and has a charmante mobile food van which stops in town every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday with essential supplies, such as cheese, bread, vegetables and in my case the best chocolate eclair I have even stuffed into my ravenous maw.

We've only been here a few days, but it already feels like home.


  1. Oh! I think I could live there too. It's so pretty and your photos are fabulous, I can almost smell it!!!

  2. I agree - photos are fab & your comments on the whole Swiss thing are spot on.


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