Thursday, April 10, 2008

This one has birds on it!

Eeeeek! I feel like I'm running just to stand still at the moment. I have about as much energy as a sloth, and everywhere I look there are things to be done: ants to be rid of, dishwashers to unstack, late basil to plant, sheets to be washed, floors to be mopped, windows to be vinegared, books to reshelve, dust bunnies to exterminate, neighbour's jeans to be taken up, knitting to be frogged, overlockers to rethread, quinces to be poached, songs to be sung, hearts to be won (ok, I threw the last two in just to see if you are still with me).

At least I got another top for Grumbles made. Now that's something!
Project specs:

Design #15, Ottobre Magazine 1/2005 (same pattern as this one)
Fabric: Cotton quilting fabric
Ribbon: Very pricey fancy french ribbon

Fabric and ribbon from Patchwork on Central Park


  1. Anonymous2:57 pm

    love both the fabric and ribbon. :)

  2. What kirsten said.

    Hey - I thought of you today over my lunchtime read ... have you heard of the new 'green' beer ?

    I remember Mr Jorth enjoys a drop:

    P.S. - did you ever try the lemon cordy ? Mm-mm-mm ;)

  3. Actually, I did hear of that, and after the day I've had (and it's only 3 o'clock!) I might have to get my hands on some!

  4. Anonymous3:26 pm

    Oh what a fabulous top! Sweet gal too :)

  5. damnit, am i supposed to be planting basil right now? i'll have to add that to my frantic list, too, now...

    and well done on the sweet top - i LOVE that fabric.

  6. Actually, Leslie, it's the end of basil's season, but a friend of mine gave me some seedlings on the weekend, and I'm scared she'll pop around unexpectedly and see it still sitting on benchtop!

  7. it gorgeous. The tape is a lovely touch. I'll have to get myself an ottobre magazine to check out.

    Thanks for the comment.

  8. I just finished a shirt for myself with that fabric! ;)

  9. What a beautiful little girl you have.. she is just adorable..I love your photos.. all of them... you are most talented.. I have a penpal in salisbury Australia...we met when she bought one of my dollies...we have been corresponding for 3 years now..Do you ever check out the Chocolate Crow Trader...if so she is one of the Rustic Tarts...her name is Marion..anyway..I love your blog and found it by way of Posie gets Cozy...Toodles
    Gina :)

  10. Anonymous2:03 pm

    best dressed kidlette in melbourne (and quite poss the cutest!)

  11. Beautiful top. The ribbon sets it off beautiully.

  12. cute! I have some of that fabric and never thought of making a top for a little person....the ribbon is adorable too, well done



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