Friday, April 18, 2008

Riding, riding, riding

Hello! We're back from our biking holiday. We rode the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail, starting at Beechworth and going all the way through to Bright. The clean mountain air and plentiful sunshine have done us the world of good, and with all that peddaling we now have muscles on our muscles!

If you're looking for a cheap family holiday, you really can't go wrong with a Rail Trail. So much to look at: mountains, beautiful trees, the bike path stretching out in front of you, farm animals, native animals, the bike path stretching out in front of you, places to take a quick leak before another rider comes trundling past, the - ah - bike path still stretching out in front of you...

Seriously, heaps of fun. Grumbles loved it, Galumph relished it, and I'm pleased to say that my pink bits survived hours on a bike seat each day. And the autumnal scenery was incredible.


  1. you guys are amazing!

  2. So, so beautiful up there. I have family in that very area.
    Glad to hear the pink bits survived!!

  3. *sigh* I LOVE the sound of that holiday. But the likelihood of dh EVER even ENTERTAINING the idea is zero to none. Wah.

  4. Would you mind giving us some details of the logistics? eg recommended accomodation, length of ride each day, how did you get up to Beechworth and back from Bright, any yummy food tastings? etc Much appreciated!

  5. Bronwyn, send me an email: jorth AT bigpond DOT net DOT au, and I can answer all those questions and more!

  6. That was all sounding so nice until the bit about having to wee behind a tree. That's when I pack up my bike and go home again. Because I am a toilet wuss.


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