Monday, February 11, 2008

Two Fruits and new bikes

Is excess consumption of Two Fruits reason for divorce? Because, I swear to the heavens above, the Galumph is killing me, and my Lent of No Waste pledge, with it. Saturday morning found me happily sipping a coffee in front of the computer, humming mindlessly away and thinking that all was good with the world when I hear the ominous 'crink-crink-crink' of a tin being opened.

That's right. He'd opened another tin of Two Bloody Fruits. And then had the gall to slosh some on to my Weetbix. The nerve! I don't even like Two Fruits! Maybe I should just give up my husband for Lent, and be done with it (joking, sweetie pie snookums darling whatever hey you yeah you).

So that's another tin to add to the recycle pile, alongside the sardines tin, which the Galumph flung mercilessly into the bin, not the recycle bin, declaring it to be "too stinky to recycle". A-huh. Never fear, dear readers, I fished it out, gave it a wash (he was right, it was frightfully smelly) and put it into the recycle pile.

While we're at it, I suppose I should confess to the rotten nectarine and two tomatoes that also were turfed due to excess mouldiness. And the packaging waste of the two minute noodles I devoured on Sunday afternoon after we did the Merri Creek Circuit. Talk about a dull ride. I needed to those noodles to compensate for the mind- (and knee!) numbing drudgery of it.

Speaking of bikes, check out my new wheels! Sweeeeeeet. It's an Electra Townie 7 gear, and I lovelovelove this bike. It's a strange machine to initially ride - I felt for a bit like I was in Easy Rider, what with my straight back and arms sticking out in front on the handle bars - but after a while it all felt so intuititive that soon the machine and I were one. And best bit is the lady-friendly seat ;-P


  1. Before Fixit stripped my push-bike for sundry parts (wheels, gears, brakes) I rode around on the best lady seat. Padded, with springs and bright blue. Of course matched with a girly basket up front.

  2. Anonymous2:56 am

    I, for one, have threatened divorce over much less.

  3. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Ha! I forgot to put the name of your blog down on Saturday at Ms K's salsa extravaganza but I found you!
    Blog and Etsy shop look fantastic and looking forward to follow your projects.

    Catchya at the wedding!

    x Audrey

    p.s: will you teach me how to knit? Please...!

  4. I adore that bike. Can I ask if you got it new and where from? Now my kids can ride their bikes properly I've promised to join them, and am frankly terrified.
    (BTW, saw you at the Farm again on Sat but you were busy eating corn with the family and I really didn't think it was a good time to come over and say hi:-))


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