Monday, February 25, 2008

Lental disaster

All this wasteful packaging has really got my goat. Geddit - goat? Sigh, you're right, it wasn't at all funny.

Well, it's now official: My Lent-of-No-Waste has been a colassal waste of time. Try as I might, I cannot escape packaging. It's everywhere! Even the organic wholefoods shop, to which I merrily tripped on the weekend with my hundreds of reused paper bags, has moved most of it's dry grains/pulses etc out of bins and into plastic packaging. Grrr. I was all paper-bagged up with nothing to bag.

Still, I did get some rice, oats and polenta from the bins, plus reused a jar for honey. So if you pop around for dinner for the rest of Lent, expect a meal of porridge with honey followed by boiled rice on polenta. Yum, huh? Whaddya mean, you've got other plans for the next 27 days?


  1. I have reduced packaging by buying yoghurt in refillable glass bottles, getting milk in reusable jugs directly from a farm aswell as eggs but I haven´t been able to get rid of it completely because, as you said, it´s everywhere! Don´t give up though. Reducing your packaging is better than doing nothing.

  2. You must totally hate me. Not only am I a shit pen/type/whatever friend I am also up to my bargeass with packaging jobs.

  3. Hey Chesty, well done!

    And Shannon, in the words of Whitney, I will always loooooovveeee yoooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

  4. I was thinking about you last night (oh yeah!) and wondering where you were, i'm missing your regular posts :) And this morning here you are!!!

  5. I'm not sure whereabouts you are in Melb, but if you are anywhere near Collingwood, go to Friends of the Earth on Smith Street. They have everything unpackaged, you can take in your own containers, weigh those first so you can subtract the price/weight of that, then go for it... Great shop, range, etc etc... check it out! :o)

  6. I hope you told them at the shop how disappointed you were with them !


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