Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The pegs are grumpy

We've just started night time toilet training for Grumbles. Oh my sainted aunt, the washing! It's never ending, at least two loads a day. The pegs (new chant: If we see one more doona, we'll go on strike sooner!) are making rumbles about calling in their union, claiming that it says in their contract that bedsheets will only be hung out once a week, max. Tough luck, my little wooden friends.

My personal favourite is when she manages to wet the sheets, the doona (all the way through), her pillow and various assorted stuffed animals. Thank heavens for mattress protectors.

On the plus side, two nights out of six have been dry. Is it bad to give chocolate as a reward?


  1. We don't have any sweet things in this house besides fruit ( no bikkies ! no cake ! ) .. so we toilet trained on choc .. and then we used it to reward for 'sleeping in my own bed ALL night !'.

    He gets it in the morning, before breakfast, if he stays out of our bed. A little fun-pack of Smarties.

    So, no, I have no problem with choc-rewards :) They work !

  2. Snap. We've had three dry nights out of seven. Is that good progress? My daughter's pillow is on the line right now. How does a pillow get wee on it anyway?!

    Good luck! I hope we make some more progress here soon.

  3. Oh lord I know how that feels. My husband side of the family have problems with bedwetting right through to teenage years. Apparently it is something to do with late gland development.

    We use a reward system our paediatrician recommended.

    I've got a lucky dip box for rewards with little $1 and $2 toys wrapped in gift wrap inside the box.

    My girls get a sticker each time they do the thing I want them to (sit at the table to eat, use the toilet etc), we challenge one behaviour issue at a time. Picture of the sticker charts -

    After 3 stickers they get a prize from the lucky dip box. I labeled the lucky dip box with 3 big smilie faces = ! surprise

    (the little lamb above the box pictured is a reward for a full fortnight of good eating / sitting at table for meals from my oldest. She is my 'typical' child who had to teach her autistic younger sister by good example, thus the big reward.

  4. And after that long sermon I forgot to say the system really works. Took a while to teach it but once they got the idea it stuck.

    Also plastic pillow protectors stop the pillow itself getting wet. But I've found we need to either use two pillow cases or a quilted pillow protector over the plastic because it is very noisy and hot on summer nights.

    I'm trialling cloth nappies at night to see if that helps trigger the I'm wet sensation.

  5. Do pegs eat chocolate??

    Its amazing just how much one wee one small bladder can hold - and how far that amount can spread.

    Good luck with it. At least you had the good sense to do it in summer.

  6. My trick when training Mia through the night was to make sure she didn't have anything to drink for at lest 30 minutes before bedtime then getting her to go to the toilet before going to bed. I'd then get her up just before i'd go to bed and sit her on the potty. Most nights she would stay dry. She eventually got to the point of waking before needing to go and coming in to ask me to take her to the toilet. She's 3 1/2 now and hasn't wet the bed for a loongggg time.
    Now it's Esme's turn! Once she's in a big girls bed. She's asking to wear knickers for bed now.

  7. Chocolate for Mum as a reward for all the washing she has been doing - I have no problem with that!!

    Or for children either.

  8. Quick! Get onto ebay and buy some Bed Buddies! They sit on top of the sheet, don't slip or move around and mean you have far less washing. They have saved us and you can take them with you if you travel away from home. They make the matress protector insurance rather than the first line of defence.


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