Friday, June 08, 2007

If only he offered to weed my garden (and that's not meant to sound dirty!)

Some crazy old man just banged on our door, asked if I wanted my garden weeded for $20 bucks, cast a very disparaging look at the garden when I politely declined, then swore at me when I asked him to close the gate. Grrrrr! And he frightened Grumbles. No shiny penny for you, sir!

Don't worry, it wasn't the spunk above. He was a lovely gent that I met at a wedding a few months ago. He had such a wonderful smile that I couldn't help but snap a photo. And he danced like a dream!

I'm off to a 63rd birthday party at a Russian restaurant tonight. Should be fun, especially with all the courses we're being served up. Borscht, here I come!


  1. Anonymous9:54 am

    You get invited to a lot of fun parties!

  2. At the last house, we had a picket fence and gate, and if you SLAMMED the gate behind you, it would bounce off and not catch.

    Meanwhile, my son was at an exploratory age, and yet freaking rude doorknockers were always the ones leaving it yawning open or banging in the wind.

    F&%k it pissed me off to no end ..

    And I *never* give work to people with attitudes - i'm the frikken employer, chump - so you'd better gimme a smile ! ;)

  3. Anonymous8:29 am

    The Olds have sooooo much to offer - apart from sex-appeal
    I am glad today to be able to comment as hiccups have prevented - don't ever think I am not calling by on your darling family!!


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