Thursday, May 03, 2007

Rain, rain, come my way

The heavier the rain falls, the better Grumbles sleeps. So bring on the rain - I'll have me a new pair of jeans in no time!

(Oh, and a note to the weather gods/spirits/deities: if you could make it rain over the catchment areas, so that 1 - our farmers will have enough water to irrigate; 2 - our poor botanical gardens and their trees will be less stressed; and 3 - at long last I might be able to have a shower longer than 3 minutes, that'd be good too. Ta!)


  1. Anonymous5:08 pm

    I am so with you about the rain - I have to work like Edward Scissorhands to get everything done in a 3 minute shower!

  2. Anonymous6:49 pm

    Yep Thank goodness for the rain - jeans lookin good!!!!

  3. Oh Gwyn, I'm so glad you're not really Edward Scissorhands in the shower. Imagine if you were - not only would you be in danger of slicing yourself open as you wrastle with the lid of the shampoo bottle, you also run the risk of your blades getting rusty!


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