Monday, April 24, 2006

Lamps, murders and knits

As I sit knitting this...

... I am continually reminded of another knitter who always seemed to be knitting something airy and fluffy. Whilst I may not possess her shrewdness when it comes to solving murders, we do have the knitting in common, therefore I have named the latest project in her honour. Everybody, meet Miss Marple (not to be confused with the Rowan doppelganger):

I'm knitting MM on 4mm needles using Phildar Aurore in Poudre (now discontinued). And the best bit? I'm knitting from stash! I've had this yarn lying around for far too long, so I'm rather chuffed that I saved it from it's cobwebby home, blew off the dust and got a-knitting. Although I have to admit that it's not really a night time yarn to knit with, unless you perch yourself right under the reading lamp. Aurore + poor light = blind Jorth and many dropped stitches. So that's one thing in common that I do not have with Miss Marple - she had excellent eyesight, all the better to see all the shenanigans and people acting dubiously with.

So we can conclude that Miss Marple was probably smart and didn't knit her light, fluffy knits during the evening when the light was poor. However, in my defence, I'd just like to point out that she didn't have a toddler to look after during the day who has lately become fascinated with knitting needles, requiring all knitting to be safely stowed away until she's tucked up safely in bed.

Speaking of, she's in bed now, so to the knitting I go. Hoo roo!


  1. Anonymous12:40 pm

    Any connection to Miss Marple is good for me! I am always amazed at anyone who can knit, but to be able to knit so swiftly and talk at the same time - what a feat! And, to solve crimes simultaneously, oh-my!

  2. Anonymous4:41 pm

    That is gaw-geous! It is one of the designs that is still on my "I want to knit" list. I can't wait to see yours all finished!

  3. Oh, those pesky 'want to knit' lists - I think mine, at last count, had about a hundred items on it!


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