Surprise Christmas Dress

Shhh! Don't tell Tyger, but I've been busy beavering away all week, making her a surprise dress for Christmas!

Christmas Dress

I actually had no intention of making her a dress, but then I found myself in the fabric store, needing to buy some thread and a zip. One thing lead to another, and before you knew it I was on the footpath outside the store, clutching my thread, the zip... and fabric and pattern for this project, plus a dream of Christmas spent in home made dresses. You go in for a zip, and come out with a big hole in your bank balance. Tell me I'm not the only one these things happen to!

Anyway, to the dress. It's pretty cute, eh? It's Simplicity 2265. I still need to make a rose to attach to the mid bodice section, but apart from that it's pretty much done.

Once the rose is attached, I'll wrap it up and pop it under the tree, and Tyger can unwrap it on Christmas Eve. Fingers crossed I get my own dress done, so we can both look stylish at Christmas Eve mass!

NotABlogger  – (6:27 pm)  

I may be re-commenting - but this is a lovely dress. Missing the sunshine as we go into our grey Dutch Christmas. Happy sewing!

Gail  – (10:29 pm)  

That is so darn pretty.

whatwouldhazeldo  – (11:39 pm)  

That's a lovely pattern. I love making Christmas dresses too and have just made 5 with Christmas themed fabric for my g-daughters. Always a hole in the bank balance as it is impossible to just go in to buy a zip. I actually used your shirred dress tutorial as the pattern; the best tutorial I found for a shirred dress. Merry Xmas

lisa g.  – (12:17 am)  

that's such a cute pattern! i made it for easter one year (in pink and white stripe no less...) and it has always been a favorite. i'm sure your daughter will love it!

Sally Williams  – (3:53 am)  

Trust me, you are not alone in overspending. I can go into the shop for a spool of thread and come out with enough fabric for 10 dresses! Gorgeous dress by the way

Clio  – (5:03 am)  

So fun for xmas! And, yes, it happens. You innocently go in to browse and suddenly find yourself knee deep in a faux fur coat project. Or is that just me?

Amanda S.  – (7:42 am)  

Cute! I love that pattern but haven't gotten around to it yet with my girl.

Neeno  – (11:04 am)  

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!! You little lady will look so adorable!

Kitten  – (2:32 pm)  

Ooo, I have that pattern, but was wondering if the top scalloping would actually be cute. It appears it is. Great dress!

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