Sabrina and The Sparkle Dress vs The Christmas Tree

"Aha!", cried Sabrina the formidable dressmaker's dummy as she stood before the Christmas tree in the Great Sparkle-Off of 2013. "Suck it, O Tannenbaum! The dress wins! It doesn't even need my brilliant personality to win hands down!"

Sparkly Dress

Jane  – (11:01 am)  

Shine, sparkle frock, shine!

Robyn  – (3:10 pm)  

Wow - what a gorgeous dress!

Carolyn  – (5:09 pm)  

Haha, YES the dress totally wins! what a beauty!

Summer Flies  – (10:09 pm)  

Woo hoo.. that is my kind of dress!

Lesley  – (8:05 am)  

Wow with your figure you will look sensational in this.

Andrea F  – (2:06 pm)  

Gorgeous. I bet you can't wait to wear it!

Cornelia  – (9:36 am)  

That looks awesome. I really want to see a photo of it on.

Alice  – (8:49 pm)  

This looks so fabulous in all its sparkliness! Can't wait to see it being modelled.

I have this pattern. It was interesting to see how the pattern pieces compared with v8184. Have you found the fit very different? I know you have several v8184s! I have five, thanks to you!

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