Simplicity 2406 verdict: meh

Simplicity Dress 2406 #1

I'm really not sure if I like this dress or not. I think I like in theory, but not in practicality. For example, I like the sleeves with the elasticised edge, but I don't like their length. I like the gathering on the neckline, but I don't like how you need a lot more bust than I will ever possess to fill it out. I like the cute, sassy length, but it's certainly not keeping me warm. And I do like to be warm. I like, no scratch that, I love the fabric (Liberty wool/cotton, ooooh!) but I'm not sure I'm liking the fact that I cut it up for this project.

All in all, I just can't figure out if this dress and I are going to be friends.

Simplicity Dress 2406 #2

Project Details
Pattern: Simplicity 2406
Fabric: 1.6m Liberty Wool/Cotton in Fujio Black from Tessuti Fabrics
Notions: 40cm (16") invisible zip, elastic for sleeve gathers, interfacing.

Modifications made: I got rid of the centre back facing, as all it seemed to do was add bulk to the zip. However, if you were making the open back version, you would still need to use it. I made my sleeve casings much smaller, and used 1cm wide elastic for the sleeve gathers. I didn't make the tie, because I didn't realise when I bought my fabric that the fabric required wasn't included in the yardage - it is specified further down the back of the envelope. For some reason that lack of clarity really got my goat.

So far I'm feeling rather meh about this dress. And I don't wanna feel meh about something I put hours into, darn it! I'm very much hoping that it grows on me, or to the op shop it shall go!

kitty  – (4:05 pm)  

It's gorgeous & looks great on you.
But if I can't convince you to keep it... I'll happily buy it off you!
Have a lovely week.

Gail  – (4:16 pm)  

I don't mind it at all. The fit isn't bad.

cherri  – (4:39 pm)  

I think it looks great Jorth - the fit is fine and the belt is very cool.

You'd be crazy not to wear it!

rachelmp  – (4:49 pm)  

It does look really cute on

Sarah  – (4:55 pm)  

I think it looks really nice, and you could try styling it with opaque black tights and boots

Gaby R  – (8:07 pm)  

I hope it grows on you, because you look great in it :) I can't decide if it's casual or business, but it's definitely sweet. And I would not have thought the neckline is wrong for you; the bust area seems fine in the pics! Maybe put the dress away and come back to it in a few weeks?

Tamsin  – (8:19 pm)  

it looks fab - wear it with leggings for a bit of extra warmth?

Bernice  – (8:34 pm)  

I hope it grows on you because it really does look fabulous.

nikkishell  – (9:00 pm)  

I think you look superb but i am drawn to your lovely long locks (when did it get so long?!).
I think they dress is lovely and i hope you like it more over time. I know what you mean though about spending hours on something (and using such lovely fabric) only for it to not work out as you had expected it to.

Oh and if you do decide it's off to the op shop, maybe you'll consider my (slightly more ample) bust filling it before you do
;) hehe

Fer (checking in when I can)  – (9:15 pm)  

When you look at the foundations of this dress it is a classic style that shouldn't date. I'd give it another year (or two!) before letting the op shop near it. Besides, the fabric is too good, and it does look great on you!

MayMade  – (10:30 pm)  

I think it's gorgeous! It looks fantastic on you!

ericapenton  – (12:11 am)  

I love it! I even prefer it without the tie. I think it would look great with tights and boots too!

Tanit-Isis  – (12:21 am)  

I think it's super cute, and would look great with tights and some smashing boots (to keep you warm). Can you shorten the sleeves to a better length, or perhaps add a band to lengthen them if that's what you'd prefer?

Or just give her some time in the magic closet and see how you feel in a few weeks...

Nik  – (12:32 am)  

You look like friends to me ;D
I think you're gorgeous in it, my dear.

oonaballoona  – (12:59 am)  

if you give that to the op shop there is no justice in the world.

WAIT. put it in the closet and revisit it in a while. colored tights will work wonders.

Janey  – (1:09 am)  

This dress is fantastic and you look gorgeous in it so don't worry! If you're still meh about it then do what others have said, keep it in the wardrobe and hopefully when you revisit it you'll love it as much I do!

AngelatheCreativeDiva  – (2:01 am)  

I think it looks great on you. Try it tunic length with some "painterly" leggings or bright tights and boots. Add cuffs to the sleeves if you make it tunic length.

Tiffany  – (3:07 am)  

Oh my goodness! I have this pattern and it looks wonderful on you! I can't wait to make it too! I think you should be friends with it!

Check out my blog at

Evelyne  – (7:02 am)  

I think from all comments, it's a resounding 'like' - add me to that list. I think it looks great on you and agree that it's probably the bare legs that detracts. Leggings and boots definitely for this chilling winter.

Alicia  – (8:00 am)  

I think it looks great on you, you have the pins to pull it off!

Rose  – (8:25 am)  

Looks lovely, just needs a wider belt worn slightly higher to balance it I think. Very classy.

A Red Ham  – (9:32 am)  

I think the dress looks great! Fantastic even. You look like a model! I hope you do become friends.

A Sewn Wardrobe  – (11:16 am)  

Oooh, I think this is a nice throw-on fall/winter dress. I mean, you want a casual dress to be unfitted (is that a word?) and blousy. It would look great with thick black tights and flat boots. I think it's a winner.

erinrx2  – (1:32 pm)  

I think you look really cute and put together. I would definitely copy this look. And after all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! :)

Sara  – (1:50 pm)  

Love love, and am considering buying the pattern.

Fran  – (7:56 pm)  

I'm a great fan of just about everything you make and this is definately no exception. I love this dress and stand about third in line with other commenters to accept it if you cast it aside. But surely not, it's a winner!

ellejays  – (11:26 am)  

Well, the dress clearly wants to be friends with you. I mean, she makes you look nice, she's flattering you everywhere you go.

I think in time you will give in to her charms...

MushyWear  – (4:20 pm)  

I wonder if you've made friends with this dress? I really, really like it on you!

melissanearandfar  – (1:47 pm)  

I've made it too. But mine was a much less practical fuschia silk. It looks so lovely on you. And though the sleeve length may be finicky to wear, it looks perfect. Hope it works out.

Julie Smith  – (7:56 am)  

Oh my, I think it is absolutely perfect! Glad to hear it's starting to grow on you because it really is lovely.

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