Tuesday, November 01, 2022

The Kawaii Crop Top

 Oh hi friends! It's been a while! But I'm back, and with a cute knitted top to boot!

Meet the Kawaii Crop Top! This pattern, by Sachi.Ko, was the most quick and fun knit I've done in ages!

It took 3.7 balls of Gossypium Cotton Tweed 8 ply to make, and I am loving the adorable ruffle feature.

Pretty happy with how this top turned out! I did, however, make a few modifications:

 - I didn't like how loose the knitted fabric looked, even though I was meeting gauge, so I after the ruffle I changed from a 5mm needle to a 4mm needle. The fabric looked much tighter, and stretches perfectly over my body. If I make this top again I'll try it with a 10 ply cotton (not an 8 ply) using the 5mm needle.

- Increased ruffle length to 7.5cm instead of 5cm.

- Increased body length to 20cm (total length from cast on edge = 27.5cm, rather than 21cm) to accommodate my lovely long torso!

Would love to knit this again, thinking maybe a mohair blend to make it extra fun!

Project notes:

Pattern - Kawaii Crop Top by Sachi.Ko

Yarn - Gossypium Cotton Tweed 8 ply x 4 balls from Maker Maker

Needles - 4mm and 5mm

You can also see the project on Ravelry :)

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