Monday, January 22, 2018

New Look 6518 Burgundy Lace Top

Happy new year! Let's ring in the changes with a wine... a wine coloured lace top, that is!

Lace Top #2

As soon as I saw this fabric at The Fabric Store, visions of lacy goodness began dancing like so many sugar plums in my head, finally crystallizing into a luxe top for Tyger. Thankfully she had accompanied me on the fabric buying jaunt, and once I confided my plan to her, she agreed to it immediately, and prompted me to go forth and purchase so her fashion needs would be met.

Seriously, am I the only mother of a teen having trouble finding clothes that are on the right side of cute and sophisticated, without stepping dangerously into skanky territory? Tyger has inherited my love of vintage (and let's face it, champagne style on a gingerbeer budget), so the current teen uniform of shorty shorts and ripped t-shirts doesn't really do it for her. Or me, for that matter. Thank goodness I can sew - and also thank goodness that The Fabric Store had 40% off both the lace and the lining fabric. This is champagne style on a seriously impressively small budget! Woo hoo!

Lace Top #3

I used New Look 6518 for the top, style A, but with a much shorter skirt length, so it would be a top rather than a dress. The pattern was very easy to follow and put together, and would have been done in a matter of hours if I hadn't had made more work for myself by sewing it out of lace that needed lining sewn to each piece beforehand. Still, it was worth it - she looks magnificent in it and has informed me that it paired with some black skinny jeans is her new 'party' outfit. I can think of no greater honour to be bestowed upon a top - those teen parties are a fashion minefield!

The only alteration I made was to bring each side seam in 2cm, after cutting out the smallest size (size 6).

Lace- Top #4

Project Details
Pattern - New Look 6518, view A
Fabric - Burgundy cotton lace and lining fabric, both from The Fabric Store
Notions - 3 buttons


  1. Well what a model you have! Gorgeous top! Love the buttons down the back too. So glad she likes it!

  2. Hi there, I am currently trying this pattern out but I am struggling with having the back closing as there isn't enough fabric however the bodice front works perfectly - do I just need to add some extra fabric to the back panels of this pattern? Could you please advise?

    1. Hi - I don't recall having an issue with this pattern in that regard. I'm sorry I can't be of more help.

      Good luck!


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