Tuesday, August 22, 2017

New knitting pattern release - the Dandelion Baby Blanket

Behold my latest design for Jorth Knits - the Dandelion Baby Blanket!

Dandelion #4

The inspiration behind this blanket was the sheer childhood delight of blowing upon a dandelion flower and making a wish as the seeds scattered in the air. Legend says that if you manage to blow all the seeds off the flower head then any wish you make will come true - I hope any child who sleeps under this blanket dreams beautiful slumbering fancies of such things taking place.

Dandelion #3

Knit up in cosy 10 ply (worsted) yarn, this is such a fun knit! The dandelion flowers give lots of textural interest, and it would look good in a huge variety of colours.

You can buy the pattern now from the following places:

Jorth Knits on Ravelry
Jorth Knits on Etsy

If you make one up, please let me know - I get such a thrill when I see everybody's finished projects!

Dandelion #5

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