Monday, November 07, 2016

Into The Woods Dress

Well folks, I hope you are happy. In order to bring these pics to you, I braved crazed koalas, threatening kangaroos and killer snakes - you know, just the usual inhabitants of the Australian bush. And ants! Man, those six-legged wonders sure can get big down this way. I was scared! But such is my dedication to you all that I ventured forth with nary a thought for my own safety, just so I could present to you my Into The Woods Dress. I got scratched up, but I survived!

And yes, technically I know we don't called forested areas in Australia 'woods'. But I thought "Into The Bush Dress" might bring the wrong kinda readers to my blog, and apart from rare lapses into complete and utter crassness, I like to keep it clean around these parts. Anyway, here she is!



This is the sixth version of this dress I have made - I swear, I will find a new summer dress pattern, but I honestly had to make one out of this fabric, as I only had 1.8m to work with, as that was all that was left on the fabric roll, and Simplicity 1803 is very fabric-length friendly. I knew whilst in the store that I was setting myself a cutting-out challenge, but there was no way I was leaving this fabric behind! I've always been a sucker for a cute print, and I think this is the cutest print dress I've made to date!


The pockets are made out of plain green fabric, as I couldn't fit them onto the length of fabric I had, but you can't tell at all. I always forget how much fabric pockets actually take up until I am laying pattern pieces out. Fabric hogs! No other adjustments were made to the pattern - it's such a great fit for my body shape that I never need to do anything to it, which is always such a blessed relief.


I am so happy with this dress! The cute girls (plus cats!) in the print always make me smile, and I've wanted a fun green dress pretty much since the day I was born. Hooray!


Now all I need is to meet my favourite girl crush Emily Blunt somewhere, so she can humble brag about being in the movie version of Into The Woods, and I can act all cool and like "Yeah, but I got the dress, baybee!" And then we would totally go and have pint somewhere and end up becoming best friends (I'll probably tell her the same drunken word play about being in Into The Woods myself, literally, like right now cos I am totally wearing the dress, about 8 times and being the new BFF she will be she'll laugh like a drain every darn time) and one day I might even let her borrow the dress for the 20th anniversary digital remastering release. Maybe.

Project Details
Pattern - Simplicity 1803
Fabric - 1.8m cotton fabric from GJ's Discount Fabrics
Notions - 35cm invisible zipper, interfacing




  1. I never doubted you kept your parts clean! Gorgeous green dress and great photography. (now go put a cardi on, it's freezing again!)

  2. Adorable in every way! And if I now think somewhat differently about our Australian bush, It's Your Fault!

  3. Lol the word bush always makes me giggle ... but your dress made me gasp! It's fabulous ... I have used this fabric in my quilts, but now I wish I had more for a dress or skirt ... thanks for braving our fierce wildlife to bring us these pics :)

  4. Gorgeous (as always). Great print & perfectly red lipstick.

  5. Love the pattern and fabric too - a winner. Ha, ha, giving everyone the heebie geebies ... giggle.... - they will be too frightened to come to visit Aus. Maybe not a bad thing :)

  6. Looks like you're in my neck of the woods (!) (looks a bit like one of the grassy picknic areas off the Belgrave-Monbulk road) - although we call it the Forest, and every so often bits of it fall on houses, roads and power lines. I still love it :-)

  7. This makes me want to push all my fun/novelty fabrics to the top of the queue. Love your style, and thanks for taking us into the Australian erm, wilderness?!

  8. Utterly fabulous. And I may have spit out my coffee at your mention of the alternative blog post title ;)

  9. What a great use of this amazing fabric! Great dress and photos!

  10. This is a beautiful dress. I just love the green fabric!

  11. This dress is lovely, and you look lovely in it! And I love the pics, so pretty. (I also <3 Emily Blunt.)

  12. Love it! I will have to check this one out <3


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