Monday, September 12, 2016

Summer Camisole and French Knickers Set

Eeek! Feeling ever so slightly (read: incredibly) nervous about posting this one, because I'm basically going to be showing you my smalls! But when your smalls - also known as your new summer pjamas - are made out of the cutest Liberty lawn print imaginable, it feels like a duty to show them to your sewing community so everybody can make themselves a pair! They are so light and comfortable to wear, which will be perfect come the searing heat this summer. I see another pair, plus a nightie from the same pattern, in my future. And not in slithery old silk satin, either - it's crisp and cool Liberty allllll the way!

Ok. Enough of the stalling. Here they are!

Camisole #2

Camisole #2

Ergh. I feel like the naffest pj model ever! And my photographer forgot to notice that the lace on the back had folded itself down, so please excuse that and my blindingly pale winter skin. The pattern is an old 1980 Simplicity pattern that I had in my stash, and I can tell you, the model on the front looks pretty darn cool in her version. No feeling naff for her! And the drawn models are practically oozing sex appeal. I should probably take lessons from them!

But seriously, how cute is this pattern? I don't even remember where I got it from, but it had been languishing in the stash for ages. I always knew I wanted to make up the camisole and French knickers set, but it wasn't until I spotted this particular Liberty print from Cutting Cloth that the dream pjs came together.

The pattern was so economical on fabric - the set took only 1 metre in total, and that is despite having the camisole cut on the bias. Even making it out of Liberty, it was still a steal! The sewing itself wasn't hard - just a bit fiddly sewing on the lace, but it turned out so well. I am pretty chuffed with my lace attaching skills now. Watch out, I'll be putting lace on everything now!

The only part that gave me any trouble was the v-point on the centre front of the bodice. I really suck at these, and it took a few unpickings to get a nice smooth finish. I was actually a bit worried about the fine lawn fabric, as it didn't take kindly to unpicking (and I unpicked 3 times) but we got there in the end with no lasting damage done.

So there you are: my super cute (and kinda sexy) summer pjs. Short version of the nightie next, but with the straight neckline lace trim. We're in for a hot, hot summer!

Project Details
Pattern - Simplicity 9859 (printed 1980), size 10
Fabric - 1m Liberty Tana Lawn from Cutting Cloth
Notions - 2cm wide lace from Rathdowne Fabrics, elastic for French knickers


  1. I love that fabric, and the resulting pj's!

  2. Fabulous fabric and great pattern for you. Lovely.

  3. Unbelievable! You look great, and I'm imagining you're wearing fluffy kitten heels like the pattern cover model! 😅

  4. Anonymous3:40 am

    Those look great! So pretty. And yes...a great way to make an affordable project from that fabric, something I've dreamed of. Thanks for the inspiration. Nights are getting cold here in Washington state, US. I'm in flannel already!

  5. Yes its a great pattern and that print is wild. Love it.

  6. I've had three metres of Liberty in my stash since I visited the shop in 2009, but I've been too precious about cutting into it because I haven't had the right project in mind. But after seeing your pajamas, I'm thinking maybe, just maybe, I could make some sleepwear with it.

  7. Oh my goodness! This is absolutely divine as summer pj's!!! I,too am a ridiculous fan of the Liberty tana lawn. Le sigh.


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