Monday, October 05, 2015

Vogue 8184 Hack

There's Ikea hacks. And beauty hacks. And let's not forget bringing entire financial corporations to their knees with some nifty and well-timed computer system hacks.

The last one might consider itself to be the original and the best. But none of them hold a candle to my Vogue 8184 hack!

Vogue 8184 #1

Ok, ok, so maybe my hacking hasn't managed to funnel tens of millions of dollars into my bank account (alas!), but I'm still pretty chuffed with my hacking skills. Although, I shall confess that this hack isn't new - I did it on another 8184 way back in the summer of 2011 but since that dress has been worn and washed so many times that the linen is beginning to tear, I thought it was high time for another version.

As far as hacks go, this one is pretty darn easy - I simply extended the length of the shoulder straps when cutting them out, then carefully placed them in a v-configuration at the centre front point. I then tried on the dress, adjusted the straps to the back for the perfect fit, basted them into place and then proceeded with the bodice lining as per usual. Simple, but darn effective!

Vogue 8184 #2

Project Details
Pattern - Vogue 8184, view B with strap adjustment
Fabric - 2m cotton from GJ's Discount Fabrics (from stash, woo hoo!)
Notions - 35cm invisible zipper (also from stash - double woo hoo!)


  1. Pretty! I have those shoes, maybe I've said that already!

  2. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Simple, but very effective. I love it!

  3. I loved the old version and now I live the new version! You are winning at frock hacks, milady!

  4. Flippin' gorgeous!

  5. What a stunner!

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  8. Anonymous5:52 pm

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