Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Party dress!

It's tempting to think that you can't deck yourself in an awesome, home-made party dress when your birthday falls in the middle of winter. Shivering and party poppers don't generally tend to go hand in hand. However, with this incredible pink/red/black brocade, and a little help from Vogue 8902, I have a feeling that I'll be looking pretty snazzy this Saturday night, no matter how darn cold it is outside!

Party Dress


  1. Anonymous4:04 pm

    Merino wool slip! Awesome fabric in that dress. Happy birthday

  2. That looks very promising and festive. Hope you'll have lots of fun on your birthday! (And get lots of hugs to keep you warm)

  3. Oh my God I'm desperate to see this! The fabric is perfect!

  4. That's really an incredible pink/red/black dress! It must very comfortable to wear. Happy birthday!
    evening dress

  5. That fabric! I swoon!


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