Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Perfect weather for knitting


As I sit here, it's steadily raining outside. The sky is one big sheet of grey, and I am knitting a beanie for Galumph and feeling blissfully happy. I LOVE the cooler months. I'm such a Cancerian crab at heart - liking nothing better than to be pottering around inside, sewing or knitting up a storm and thinking up new ways to keep my beloved ones warm and well fed. You can keep your summer days, with your posing bikini-clad beach goers, and melted ice creams, and sapping heat. As far as I'm concerned, the only good thing about summer is wearing summery frocks, and I reckon knitting on the couch as the rain gently pitter patters outside trumps even that!

Speaking of knitting, there's still a few spots left in the class I'm teaching this Saturday morning over at Handmaker's Factory, so if you fancy knitting up a storm this winter as well, come along and be shown the ways by moi! Not only will you have bucket loads of fun and learn a new skill, but you will also help me in my life long project of converting everybody I meet to the knitting way. Come, my friends... come over to the knit side!


  1. Love the sound of pitta patter on the tin roof :) We don't get much rain these days here in Perth .. the kids stop and say "what's that?" ...

  2. If only I lived in Melbourne! I could do with expert tutelage on kinitting.

  3. And maybe some more tutelage on spelling the word knitting

  4. I'm with you. Cool autumn days curled up on the sofa with knitting and tea are my idea of heaven.


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