Friday, March 07, 2014

Yellow stripes and black buttons

Yellow Stripes Dress #2

Yellow Stripes Dress #4

Tyger loved the other version of this dress that I made so much that I thought I'd best make her another one before she grew too tall for it. Why oh why can they not make children's dress patterns in a size larger than 8 year old? Big Four, I'm looking at squarely at you.

This version has sleeves, and I will say this: although I generally love this pattern, the sleeves were a pain in the behind to put in, and really don't warrant the effort involved. Bias binding and an elastic casing that doesn't even go all the way along the sleeve edge? What were they thinking?

Niggling sleeve issues aside, Tyger is very happy with this version, and I am happy that I have done some (trumpets please) STAAAASH BUUUUUSTING! I'm sure there is some law of fabric buying out there that states that if a sewist uses fabric from stash, they are then eligible to purchase more fabric to the power of 5 to replace said fabric. Use a metre? Congrats - now go get 5 metres to replace it. Lucky you!

What's that you say? There's no such law? There totally should be. I'm happy for it to be called Jorth's Law of Stash Vs Fabric Purchasing. There, look - it's all official now! Y'all can thank me later when you are quoting it to exasperated cohabiters who are concerned about the stash slowly but surely taking over the entire house.

Project DetailsPattern: New Look 6884, view B (minus the side ties), size 8
Fabric: 1.8m cotton quilting from stash
Notions: Iron-on interfacing, 6 buttons


  1. A beautiful dress.

  2. Gorgeous fabric, pattern and girl!

  3. Lovely as always. When you're done with this round of knitting patterns, maybe you need to start designing your own girls dresses! I always do my own patterns! (But then there's no-one to blame but yourself for the tricky bits).

  4. This is a very lovely dress and beautifully made.

  5. Anonymous6:57 pm

    Beautiful dress. I wouldn't mind to have one myself :-)

  6. This is adorable! Love the colour combo. I can totally get behind Jorth's Law of Fabric Stash...think I will be using that one :)


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