Monday, February 24, 2014

Creative Frenzy

Yellow Stripe Dress

Boy oh boy, it sure is busy around these parts. My days are filled with freelance content writing, knitting up samples for my own range of knitting patterns, sewing dolls for the school fete, finishing off some clothes for Tyger, and scratching my head and wondering why oh why did I rashly promise to make jam for the aforementioned fundraiser. I don't even do jam for us!

So if you pass by my house and notice smoke issuing from a window, fear not - that's just me burning rubber with my sewing frenzy. And if you see sparks coming from an open door, don't call the fire brigade - that's just me knitting so hard I could start a fire with my needles. And if you smell burnt marmalade then... well, maybe go for the raspberry at the fete jam stall instead.


  1. Wow that's a frenzy alright! I'd love to hear more about your knitting pattern though! I'm currently working on my second project ever.

  2. How familiar that all sounds lol! It's crazy how that little word no is so much harder to utter than yes. I will be thinking of you as I rush to finish a jumper for grandson one, finish grandson two's slippers and make two very detailed fairies to take to my sister in less than a fortnight! At least you will be generating your own heating. X

  3. I hope you find time to stop and gaze upon that gorgeous fabric. I love it!

    Good luck with it all :)


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