Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Monthly Menu Plan - September/October


Phwwwooooaaat! That's the sound of me blowing the dust off ye olde blog here. School holidays always seem to render blogging priority number nothing, despite my best intentions. Still, the show must go on and mouths must be fed, so here is a truncated version of this month's menu plan.

Week One:
Monday - Lentil spaghetti bolognaise with feta and parsley
Tuesday - Roast chicken
Wednesday - Asparagus, pea and rocket risotto with left-over roast chicken
Thursday - Quinoa-stuffed red capsicums with salad
Friday - Fish fingers with tartare sauce and garden salad
Saturday - Spinach tart with salad
Sunday - Spring vegetable stew

Week Two:
Monday - Spicy felafels in wraps with all the trimmings
Tuesday - Sweet potato gnocchi with rocket pesto
Wednesday - Tomato soup with cheesy melts
Thursday - Carrot and hummus crunch on sourdough
Friday - Indian lamb cutlets with chickpea salad
Saturday - Huevos rancheros
Sunday - Spiced vegetable and chickpea pilaf

Week Three:
Monday - Tuna macaroni and cheese with garden salad
Tuesday - Vegetable and tofu stir fry
Wednesday - Spring minestrone with garlic bread
Thursday - Left over minestrone
Friday - Pumpkin and haloumi burgers with potato salad
Saturday - Asparagus tart with salad


  1. Yummmmmm, I'm coming to eat at your house!

  2. Wow that is amazing, I wish I could be that organized!

  3. Yum! Just finished mine for the month - but this inspires, and offers some new ideas.


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