Thursday, September 05, 2013

She choked

Sabrina the rather bad-tempered dressmaker's dummy scarcely waited until Jorth had left the room before bursting forth with narky indignation. "What does she think she is doing? She was meant to be making Simplicity 1803 with a front yoke detail. Instead, she's ripped that off and is now basically making another version the same as the cabbage dress. This is meant to be new dress, not a redux!"

"She choked!" piped up a brave quick-un-pick, who had seen a bit of action that day, and as a result was feeling a bit more important than they usually did, which lent them some momentary courage.

It was just as well that the quick-un-pick did have that courage up their sleeve, because Sabrina rounded upon their statement immediately. "Tool! Listen here: It has been many a blue moon since Jorth choked over a sewing project, and if I have my way she won't be doing it on my watch!"

The poor quick-un-pick felt their tip go dull with fear, but was determined to put wrongs to rights. "Nooooooooo! You misunderstand me - she literally, actually, absolutely, decidedly, totally choked when she put the bodice with the yoke on. I can't believe you didn't see it - she was flailing about with her hands trying desperately to rip it off, claiming in a weird raspy squawk that she couldn't breathe with the darn thing on, and that wearing it was worse than going into anaphylactic shock!"

With a bewildered air the gutsy little quick-un-pick said "Truly - it was quite the spectacle. Are you sure you didn't see it?"

"Well", huffed Sabrina, slightly abashed for once, "an old mannequin such as myself needs her beauty sleep occasionally. I can't be keeping an eye on everything that goes on around here!"



  1. YOu are very fast with the making of the dresses. I'm very jealous.

    There's a seamstress inside me, just you wait and see :D

  2. Hilarious! I love it.My own model is called Dolores (dummy) and is also getting a bit long in the tooth now and has a leg which keeps dropping off. She also lists to the right, too much wine I fear. I can just imagine the comments she makes when some of my creations are draped over her! Hope all has been rescued now and that we will get to see the finished article. X

  3. Loving this fabric! I just made the version with the yoke, and I did have to make a lot of alterations to make it work :) I LOVED your cabbage dress, though, so I'm sure this version will turn out equally as fabulous!

  4. Sabrina is wrong - this is perfect for the dots.


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