Monday, November 12, 2012

Yoohoo - anybody seen Jorth?

Green Dress In Progress

"Why won't she keep working on me?" asked the half-completed green dress in a tone of utter distress. "Has she gone off green? Stacked on the weight so now I won't fit? Decided that she's no longer a dress girl?

"Or is it me - have I done something wrong? Am I too creased? Too pleaty? Is it because my lining doesn't really match my fabric? For the love of all things sewing, somebody tell me what is going on - I'm going kerraaaazy over here!"

"Oh, settle down you stupid half-finished whippet!" snapped Sabrina, the fiercest dressmakers dummy in all of sewdom. "If you stopped thinking about yourself and your completion rate, and opened your eyes a little, you may have noticed that poor old Jorth is up to her eyeballs in work at the moment, leaving precious little time for sewing. At least she's spared a few minutes to work on you when she could - her poor old blog is a whole different matter! Last time I checked there were real estate agents knocking on the blog door, wanting to know if it was vacant, such is the extent to which she hasn't been there. So count yourself lucky, young miss!"

"My word!" breathed the dress. "Don't tell me she's going to retire her blog?"

"I swear", said Sabrina through gritted teeth, "you young dresses get stupider every year. NO! She is not going to retire her blog - she just needs to get some work out of the way, and then regular programming for both blog and sewing shall recommence. And for that I shall be thankful - I'll be pleased to get you off me and into the cupboard!"


  1. My word, that Sabrina is a harsh one. The poor wee green dress was only wondering.

  2. I can't wait to see your newest creation! You have such impeccable taste! :)

    -Ash P

  3. I have. And she's been busy. But looks just lovely in that green dress.

  4. your use of words like 'pleaty' are why we were destined to be friends.

    i am hoping you are well and enjoying your lovely little family.

    ps bless you for commiserating on the post-wisdom-tooth trauma. you are my favorite.


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