Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sewing? Oh yeah, I remember that.

McCalls 5975

"I remember Jorth" said Sabrina the dress maker's dummy sadly one day to nobody in particular. "She used to sew all the time - oh, the things she would make! But now that she's so busy writing and knitting, I believe she's practically forgotten what a sewing machine even is."

None of the clothes hanging quietly in the wardrobe dared breathe a word. They knew how quickly reminiscing turned to tetchiness with Sabrina. Suddenly, however, Jorth walked into the room. She went to the bureau, and opened up the drawer that contained the sewing patterns. After rummaging around for a moment or two, she withdrew McCalls 5975, and stood there scratching her head and gazing at it.

"The stash! Look in the stash!" implored Sabrina in words that were quite deafening to the clothes, but oddly silent to human ears. Perhaps, though, such fervently delivered messages have a way of getting through, for Jorth did indeed begin to fossick around in the stash, and to everybody's delight withdraw a bright purple ponte knit that had been languishing in there for quite some time.

With a smile Jorth headed to the kitchen table, and began to unfold the pattern pieces, whilst in the bedroom Sabrina gave a whoop of joy and announced "She's back! Our sewing friend is back!"


  1. C'est magnifique!!!!

  2. yay!! I am very excited to sew you sewing again. Your blog was the first blog I started following when I got into sewing and blogging (yours and Sewaholic). I was inspired when I saw your versions V8511


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