Monday, January 09, 2012

Reduce, reuse, recycle


Hello, folks! I hope you all had a spiffy break over the Christmas period. I certainly did, and am facing the new year with a fistful of brand new resolutions, all of which I am most eager to keep. I'm already up to day 9, and it's been fairly smooth sailing so far, so let's hope that's a good omen, and that I can keep up the good work.

This year I want to reduce, reuse, recycle. In many, many ways:

 - the amount of waste I create
 - the food packaging I buy. This year is all about nude food!
 - reduce the negative voices in my head. I want to turn reduce into induce, and go out there and do it!
 - reduce the things I buy, and instead make use of what I have
 - reduce the amount on our mortgage by always paying off as much extra as we can

 - glass milk bottles, and get on my bike to get my milk bottles refilled, instead of taking the easy way out and getting milk in plastic at the supermarket
 - hit up the library for books, instead of sneaking onto cheap book websites
 - reuse all those vintage sewing patterns I have. It's time to make some of them up!

 - anything that we don't use that is cluttering up the house. He who travels lightest travels fastest.
 - the small, kind deeds others do for me, and do them to others in return.

I also want to write more, knit more, cook more for friends, stop being so hard on myself, and laugh more. Whoa! That's quite a list!
I also want to rejuvenate this wee little blog a bit. I think it's in need of a makeover. I'd like to make it cleaner, and easier for readers to find things. Any suggestions are most welcome indeed!

Update: Milk in reusable bottles are available from places that stock Elgaar Farm products (list of stockists in Victoria or Tasmania can be found on their website) or from La Latteria. Yay for reusable containers!


  1. awesome, awesome, awesome.
    thanks for the food for thought!
    re nude food - i'm living in japan for a year and the amount of plastic packaging here is insane - every single thing you buy, including separate pieces of fruit, gets wrapped... ARGH!!!!

  2. Positivity is always a great thing to live by, and I always want to reduce especially when it comes to waste because there's far too much and it's become too acceptable in society!

    I look forward to seeing those vintage patterns!

  3. I never make any NY's resolutions but maybe I should, especially after reading yours. The most difficult one for me would be to avoid buying too many books and using less packaging for food. The stores here seem to think that plastic is the ultimate invention and you'll get veggies wrapped in two to three layers of plastic wrap. Argh!

    Anyway, I wish you a good year!

  4. I can heartily recommend The Happiness Trap, by Russ Harris, on the subject of thinking/feeling/doing, and the things we do that don't contribute to our happiness. Reckon you could get it from the library, it's v.popular, and deservedly so. I love it, and have bought copies for lots of friends, as well as his book The Reality Slap. He's an Aussie, GP and psychotherapist, living in Perth.

  5. Glass milk bottles!? Where do you get them/refill them?

    Great resolutions, I would love to reduce the packaging I buy, drives me crazy how much plastic I bring home from a supermarket trip. I'm also working on streamlining our home too, we have way more stuff than we need/use.

    Happy New Year!

  6. Anonymous7:57 pm

    Exactly what Christie said - where do you get your glass milk bottles refilled? Sounds awesome.
    I have a pile of "stuff" sitting here that we sorted through after Christmas. I have an op shop pile, an ebay pile and a go to the cousins pile. I really need to get my piles into action stations though.
    Good resolutions! Yay!

  7. Anonymous7:48 am

    Happy New Year! Yes, being easier on yourself and laughing more. I'm going to join you on that!

  8. Love this post! And the phrase "nude food" is hilarious.

    A couple of my favorite ways to cut back on waste is buying anything I can in bulk (soap, shampoo, dry goods) and reusing containers and bags.

    Can't wait to hear how your year goes!

  9. Ah! I didn't know it was called Nude Food but I am doing that too (blogged about it here

    A week and a half in and so far so good! My trick so far is to have 'nude' snacks at work and to have reuseable veggie bags and a jar of soy sauce (for my sushi) in my desk drawer.

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