Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A pre-Christmas dip in the frog pond


"Jorthy, Jorthy, Jorthy. Can you feel me shaking my head? Surely you should know better than to attempt a piece of knitting that requires more than a smidge of concentration when you have a gazillion other things buzzing around that noggin of yours, all clamouring for your attention. You were bound to make a mistake!

To the frog pond, young lady, and rip it out and start again. And don't even think about bleating about how you are only two stitches off, and nobody would notice. YOU would notice, and it will bug you to kingdom come unless you fix it.

Oh, there there. Don't you be crying now. Really, you were never going to get it finished for Christmas. Aim for New Year, instead. There's a good girl."

The knitting god sat back down, and rested against the mountainside, whilst on her couch Jorth wondered with a sigh if there really was a voice in the wind telling her what she ought to be doing, or if she just had a particularly loud knitting conscience. Pulling the needle out she began to unravel the stitches, reflecting that if a job was worth doing it was worth doing well, but nagdammit it would be nice to let a mistake slide just once or twice!

(Pattern from Rowan Kids)


  1. Well I can understand why you would want to make this, its so pretty! I stress myself out like this a lot too....

    I look forward to when you have time to make this for real!

  2. Ah, 'that' frog pond! (Once you've pulled the needle out, it becomes easier though doesn't it?)

    I've been going through my unfinished knitting projects - there are quite a few that I know I'll never wear, so I'll never complete them, and I can think of something a lot better to make from the yarn - so I could be frogging shortly too!

  3. Knitting and yapping (with me) are never a good mix!
    I need to do some frogging too.

  4. Did you unravel it all the way? I am allways lazy and just "drop" some stitches. Then I fix the mistake and use a crochet hook to "knitt" back up again. It is looking beautifull by the way.

  5. I thought you'd appreciate the sentiments found here, Jorth:

  6. Hi Jorth,
    Any chance of getting the name of the knitting book..please???
    I still have hopes of a GD one day-this cardi is mouthwateringly gorgeous(and your yarn is delish!).


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