Monday, August 03, 2009

Tree Planting

Sunday dawned bright and sunny, and... oh, heck. Who am I kidding? It dawned windy, chilly and miserable, and seemed determined to stay that way. It was a poor looking day for tree planting, and my cajoling wasn't swaying the Galumph at all.

"Trust me!", I beseeched, "You'll love it when you get there!"

"Trust me!", he answered, "I am quite content in my pyjamas, and not freezing my behind off in that", waving an arm towards the window, which gave an opportune rattle in support.

Still, I must have some tricks up my sleeve after all these years together (either that, or it was the continual wailing of "But what will my readers think if we don't turn up? I'll be lynched the green blogging brigade. Waaaaaaahhhhhhh!") because we were soon out in the wintry day, pedalling like mad to get to the tree planting. After being shown the ropes, we were sent off to a far corner of the reserve, and a-planting we did go.

And do you know what? It was brilliant fun. Sure, our butts were soon oddly sore from all the squatting, and after a while I couldn't feel my fingers, and Grumbles, in her valiant attempts to help, kept sloshing filthy tree planting water all over us, but it was great! We soon had rosy cheeks from the exertion, and met some fabulous people, and I even got my falafels at the end of it.

The only concern was the wind. It was blowing like mad, and I kept glancing up at the gum trees towering above us, suddenly remembering EVERY SINGLE STORY I've ever read or heard about people being suddenly killed by limbs dropping in strong winds, heads split open like over ripe watermelons (ok, so I've never quite heard of the head split thing, but when I suspect danger my imagination goes into overdrive). "Bright side, Jorthy, bright side!", I muttered to myself. "Let the equation go like this: we're doing a good deed, all three of us, which makes it good deed times three. That's a lot of good karma points. I'm sure I won't be walloped by a falling branch when I'm doing a good thing for the environment and the whole entire world in general. Huzzah! I'll be safe!"

And to top off a most excellent day these lovely guys fixed all our bikes FOR FREE! When they are not hanging out at tree planting days, they can be found at Human Powered Cycles. Get 'em to check out your bike, as they really know their stuff. Tell them the crazy girl with the Townie sent you. I'm sure they'll know who you mean.

The blue beauty finally getting some attention. Apparently I've been a very bad bike owner. Oops!

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