Friday, July 17, 2009


Happy birthday to meeeeeeee!

It's that time of year again - my birthday. Hoorah! Tell you what, it's been a pretty good year. I'm pretty darn happy where I am, and feel that life is moving in the right direction. I'm blessed with a wonderful husband, a gorgeous daughter, fabulous friends and a rich, full life.

My only sadness is that we can't give Grumbles the much wanted brother or sister that we all long for, but you know what they say: you can't have it all, and I think my deal is pretty sweet as is. Grumbles and I have been chatting of late about looking on the bright side, so when I get that little ache in my heart, that's what I do: stop to remember how lucky I am. I'm very, very blessed, and it doesn't pay to forget that.

So folks, as per usual I'm sharing the love with a bit of Jorthy giveaway goodness. This year I've got two fabulous books to give away: Beads and Buttons by Erika Knight, and Crochet Handmade Style.

Both are filled with some very cool projects, and it's a bit of wrench to give them away, but I like to treat all you guys once a year as a way of saying thank you for reading my burbling posts! So here's the drill: leave a comment saying which you'd like (oh, and a birthday message would be nice, too!) and I'll do that random number generator thingamajig to find the lucky winners.

Good luck! And thanks for reading! I like having all you folks swing by.
UPDATE! I've decided to leave the competition open for a week, so hurry hurry hurry and get your entry in!


  1. You know Jorth, you and me we could just about be twins. Almost same name and almost same birth date; with partners at the same company; and former employees of the same. In fact maybe we are the same person ... has anyone seen us in the same room at the same time? Anyone? Anyone?

    So hip-hip-hooray & big birthday wishes to you. Sorry I missed seeing you yesterday (horrid lurgy & no voice and all that - bummer).

    Statistically #1 never comes up in that random thingy, but I'll throw my hat in anyway :) The crochet book look fab.

  2. Happy birthday, Jorth. Your blog never fails to entertain me, and I am so happy you've started posting frequently again! I hope the longing has a little upside, making the blessings so much sweeter? You've got me counting all the great things in my life (tricky for a pessimist). x a long-time lurker, not-much poster.

  3. happy birthday to you....dont want the give-a-ways..too much clutter here as it is...
    hope you have a happy day and get thoroughly spoilt...

  4. happy birthday! glad you've come back to blogging - a jorth free blogosphere is not so much fun...

    could i please be in the hat for the buttons and bead book as i am a sadly failed crocheter...

    have a great birthday weekend :)

  5. Happy birthday!
    You look lovely in your hat - continuing the Parisienne chic you showed us in your gorgeous new dress.

  6. Happy Birthday to you! You look very chic in your beret. It is always great to look on the world as the glass half full isnt it although sometimes it is hard to do. I would have dearly loved a 3rd baby but it didnt happen. I am very lucky to have been given the chance to be a mum though which I am sure is exactly how you feel. I am sure one day you will get your wish.

  7. any happy returns-- i think that the crochet book would have something that I could hook into:) hope that the week continues to bring happiness! meg

  8. Jenny6:33 pm

    Merry birthday Jorth - 32 years young! This is a lovely post and it's great that you are happy with where you are - the best birthday present, I think. Hope you and G and G have a great birthday celebration together.

  9. happiest of birthdays to you, jorthy. you look fab at 32, whereas mostly i look short. still waiting on that growth spurt.

    i hope your day was grand, and while we're hoping, i hope this entire year brings you joy. you deserve it completely, medear.


  10. Ah, so young! Happy Birthday.
    Don't need a book. Just dropped by to say hallo.

  11. Happy birthday Jorthy! Hope you had a wonderful day. Cute hat!
    PS. Don't need the books :)

  12. Hello Jorthy, greetings to you on your birthday from a female twice your age plus from the other side of the world. I hope you had a wonderful day. And let me tell you - just don´t give up hoping, miracles do occur but only to those who don´t give up. I would love to have the buttons book please.

  13. Very happy (now belated) birthday! I hope it was an excellent day. Would love to throw my hat in the ring for the crochet book. Thanks!

  14. Oh I can relate to that little ache in your heart, I have the exact same one. As I say to Parker 'you get what you get, and you don't get upset' - words to live by. And i'm grateful every day that she is here, but the choice wasn't mine. Lucky she doesn't lust after a sibling, she handles it really well - and is often perplexed and amused by sibling rivalry! I think, us VERY few Mum's with only 1, work ultra hard to not spoil them, we work ultra hard at dispelling the steroetype, but no-one really gets it till they are in it.
    Sorry crapping on way too much, maybe I should just to a big old post, get it off my chest!!!


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