Friday, June 05, 2009

Bird dresses should be an essential staple of every girl's wardrobe

I made this bird dress for my dear friend earlier this summer. We both stood in the fabric store, um-ing and ah-ing over the fabric, but when we viewed the finished product all we could say was "Jolly good call!" because, if I do say so myself, it turned out freaking awesome!

I love that from a distance you think "Wow, that's a nice floral dress" but upon closer inspection it's paint-by-numbers birds! Birds! Who wouldn't want a dress with birds on it? Just as I thought - no hands raised. I rest my case.
On a more serious note, I love this pattern and am super pleased with how the dress turned out. I made it in size 8, and didn't need to tweak the pattern at all. Anyway, I can't really take all the credit - it's awfully hard to make any garment look bad when you have a model as gorgeous as this one, with a clever husband to take the photos. Thanks guys! Enjoy the dress!

Project Details
Pattern: Vogue 8184, view C
Fabric: Up town by Erin Michael for Moda Fabrics, Pattern # 26026, 2.3 metres
Notions: 14 inch zipper


  1. Wow! Beautiful dress, i love the fabric. And your friends hair is so long and lovely!

  2. Fab frock and your friend standing in front of the paint sprays.....she now has angel wings!

    word veri......wingstak!

  3. it's stunning. the combo of the fabric colour and your friends hair colour is superb, and I LOVe the birds!!

  4. Loving the modelling!

  5. Well..*I* don't want a bird dress..but I love the detour from banal flowers, and the super cute pattern and model! :p

  6. Lovely dress.. i like the color and the fabric designs looks really good on you..

  7. I am literally swooning over that fabric. It is just beautiful and so suited to the pattern.

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