Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Just in time for Easter!

Warning! Warning! Cute overload alert! I found this gorgeous pattern for a bunny egg cosy over at Little Cotton Rabbits a few days ago and had to immediately get the pattern. It's adorable! Even though I've (typically) left it to the last minute, I'd like to knit up three of these, and have them sitting over chocolate eggs in egg cups, waiting on the kitchen table for Grumbles when she gets up on Easter morning, with a little trail of mini eggs leading from her bedroom to the bunnies. She'll be delighted!

Five days until Easter, three bunny cosies to knit. Golly gee, I'd better hop to it (groan, terrible pun!)


  1. goodness, it is indeed very cute. Good luck getting them done in time for the Easter Bunny's arrival!

  2. so cute Jorth! Wow! They are going to look great.

    Now, what to get for my kitty cat for Easter... a little egg cup full of sardines, maybe.

  3. holy mother of all things adorable! that is one darling egg cosy. hope it stitches up quick for ya!


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