Thursday, September 27, 2007

The new invasion

So, I have a confession to make: we poisoned it. I was completely freaked out by everybody's rat stories (trust me, when it comes to rodents, nobody has a nice story!), and a cat was out of the question thanks to our rental agreement. So poison it was.

We haven't seen him for a week or so, so I'm supposing that he's gone to the big rat nest in the sky. Sorry, Mr Rat!

Maybe the karma has already caught up with me, as now we have an ant invasion. Sigh. They are everywhere. From every single nook and cranny they have come pouring out - it's like the 10 plagues of Egypt! So I've gone for my trusty old remedy of talcum powder - apparently they hate it, and it seems to have done the trick, as none have ventured out for the past couple of days.

So, that's my life in a nutshell. Feeling guilty about the rat, and living in a house festooned with a light covering of talc on every bloody surface. And it's not at all annoying when it makes odd marks on your clothes, usually around the lady bits part. Oh no, not at all. Oh, I'm loving living in my white, violet-scented hell.

In cheerier news, this is my 200th post. Hooray!


  1. Have you tried spraying vinegar about? That seemed to work for me last summer, but we didn't have too many ants. Just cockroaches, shudder.

  2. I'm glad L.C. raised the cockroach issue ( because she's in the same area, so maybe it was everyone and not jsut me !! ).

    I had the WORST plague last year, and felt so feral and dirty :(
    And my mum was with us then, and I felt SHE thought I was a sloppy cleaner. It was just hideous.

    UGH !

  3. hmmm, sounds similar to my beigey, dust-scented hell from 5 days of sanding floorboards! i feel for ya.

    happy 200!

  4. Oh dear, you've had a hard time of it. Thankfully your pest free now ! ~ love Julia x

  5. Anonymous4:28 am

    We've had sooo many ants this year - and hear i what finally worked for us (the poison didn't work at all - well it lasted for a few hours, and then came new ants) - take 1 or more cloves of garlic , cut it in half and rub the garlic where the ants enter the house. It doesn't smell (much) but it works! You have to repeat every other day or so, though, 2 or 3 times!

  6. Anonymous7:03 pm

    Seems like you're having a Pixar invasion — maybe it will be fish, talking toys, car parts or monsters next...? ;)


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