Tweed beanie

Warm. Easy on the eye. Strong yet soft at the same time.

Oh, and the beanie ain't half bad, either. Ha!

Beanie #1

This was meant to be an intricate yet still manly cabled beanie for Galumph, but once I started doing the ribbing, I realised that the cable detail would get completely lost in the tweediness of the yarn. So I did some mods, and made a simple stocking stitch beanie instead.

Although I was rather looking forward to doing all the fancy cable work, I really like the simple gorgeousness of the tweed. It reminds me of clouds on a stormy day - full of blues and greys and blacks and greens.

I'm kinda hankering after some tweedy goodness for myself, now!

*off to peruse patterns on Ravelry*...

Project Details
Yarn: 2 balls of Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed in Ash 120 from Woolarium
Needles: 3.5mm and 4.5mm circular needles (magic loop method used)

Tanya  – (11:25 am)  

completing something simple is very satisfying indeed. lovely work.

perusing ravelry is one of my favourite pasttimes. its like meditation.

WinnibriggsHouse  – (5:59 pm)  

I thought for one minute there you had met my man! The beanie is great, I like it simple. I agree the cables will look better on a plainer wool. No point in doing all that work if it doesn't show.

Julia Bobbin  – (9:02 pm)  

Oh he looks extra awesome with this beanie! You can do no wrong lady! Well done!

Fer  – (11:07 pm)  

Hubba hubba! ;)

(I also agree with Tanya about surfing Ravelry!)

poppykettle  – (10:28 pm)  

Beautiful knitting as always! Like Julia says... you can do no wrong with the knitting needles! It suits him wonderfully :)

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