Simplicity 1803 - The Spotty Version

Jorth looked regretfully at the patterns assembled before her and took a deep breath. "Look guys, I'm sorry to say that you've all been replaced as my favourite pattern. My apologies, Vogue 8511 and Vogue 8184. You've been good patterns to me, and have been there for me when other patterns just weren't enough. But I've made you all too many times, and to be frank it seems I'm a one pattern girl. Simplicity 1803 is the one for me now."

"Buuuuuuuuut!" began the broken-hearted Vogues but Jorth stopped them in there tracks with a stern look. "Don't make this any messier than it has to be. You all know how much I love the Cabbage dress. Spots is just as good. There's nothing more to be said."

"Well..." said 8511 as Jorth left the room, spotted skirt a-swishing. "I guess we had a pretty good run whilst it lasted. And that Simplicity number is quite a dress!"

Spotty Dress #2

Spotty Dress #1

Spotty Dress #4

Spotty Dress #3

Yup friends, you read that right - I've made myself another version of Simplicity 1803, and I am in love! It's been made up in quite a heavy weight cotton, which really gives the skirt a lot of body, and makes it feel entirely different to the Cabbage dress.

Initially I tried to make View A, which had a bodice yoke, but it felt awful to wear. The neckline of the yoke sat right on that part of your throat that gives you the heebie jeebies if anybody ever touches it, so it had to come off! Yeuch. Hate that feeling! It meant a bit of extra faffing around cutting out new pattern pieces and doing quite a bit of unpicking, but I am glad I made the change.

What else did I do? Oh, that's right - I omitted the waist tie, as I knew I wanted to wear this dress with a belt. Everything else was left just as specified as the pattern said.

One last thing: Boy do I love those pockets!

Project Details
Pattern - Simplicity 1803, view B
Fabric - 2m of heavy weight printed cotton (from stash)
Notions - Interfacing, 40cm invisible zipper, bias binding for the armholes

opportunityknits  – (2:55 pm)  

Such a pretty dress and those pockets are special!

Neeno  – (3:11 pm)  

Noooooooooooo! Goodbye to V8511???
This dress is quite a knock out though so I can see why it's superseded the 8511.
Love polka dots!

SewLindaAnn  – (4:03 pm)  

Beautiful work on the dress! and you take such happy little pictures.

Fabric Tragic  – (6:23 pm)  

Very pretty - let's hope summer gets to Melbourne soon so you can wear it!

Lightning McStitch  – (8:47 pm)  

very pretty. Love the on the knee length.

oonaballoona  – (12:37 am)  

i've got this in my stash and now i MUST make it-- love those pockets!!

Jenny  – (1:49 am)  

love, love, love! Such a pretty dress!

Jenny  – (1:53 am)  

love, love, love! Such a pretty dress!

Jenny  – (1:53 am)  

love, love, love! Such a pretty dress!

Donna Hensley  – (4:16 am)  

This is another beautiful rendition!

sewmanju  – (5:04 am)  

Hello I have just made this dress up and totally agree re the high neckline on the bodice yoke version. I lowered it. Love your version! I am not so sure about mine but I think it's cos of the brocade I used. I can see in a cotton it would be beautiful. Do you have any issues with the neck gaping at all?

Jorth!  – (7:31 am)  

Hello Sewmanju - before I removed the bodice yoke I thought that it made the neck gape too. I don't have any trouble with it gaping now, but I made mine in the smallest size (and I don't have much bust!) so that might be why. Love the fabric for yours, and your skirt is gorgeous! Leisl xo

/anne...  – (11:58 am)  

I love your shoes! (and the dress; I can make the dress, but I can't make shoes) - are they, by any chance, a recent purchase? I can just imagine Phryne Fisher wearing them ... sigh.

Amanda S.  – (11:31 pm)  

It's so pretty on you! I love polka dots!

poppykettle  – (6:30 pm)  

Delicious! The heavier weight cotton gives such a fabulous body to that skirt... which leads the eye to your AMAYZING shoes. Seriously, they are gorgeous. Another great make!!

Gail  – (6:40 pm)  

If a pattern works, work it! Great dress and I agree with poppykettle that the shoes are amazing.

Julia Bobbin  – (2:12 pm)  

Lady it's divine! Looks fabulous with your fancy new shoes. LOVE it!

Karen Pior  – (8:01 pm)  

I love it. Fabulous. And so is the cabbage dress version. Loooove Kaffe Fassett. I quite often sew clothes with quilting fabric - so wonderful to sew with. Cheers, Karen

dropstitch  – (2:16 am)  

Ooh, lovely! I love it even more than in the cabbage fabric. I am thinking of getting this pattern for myself but I'm a bit worried about the "petite misses" in the name... I am definitely not petite. Would this dress work for averagely sized or slightly taller than average people, do you think, or is it just for the dainty pixie types amongst us? Thank you :)

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