Roses in bloom

Roses In Progress

Sabrina, the somewhat temperamental dressmaker's dummy, didn't give much of a toss about the handknits brigade. She studiously ignored the frantic click clack of Jorth's needles, and turned her thoughts instead to the sewing that was taking place. She always like a bit of the retro look, and considered Butterick 6582 to be right up her style aisle.

So whilst Jorth was running around like the proverbial chook minus it's head, bewailing the fact that she only had 19 days left to get the knitted dress finished, Sabrina instead contemplated the partly finished dress adorning her fine form, and, despite constantly hearing Jorth's panicky pants as she tried knit as fast as she could, thought to herself that things were indeed coming up roses.

MrsSmith  – (1:11 pm)  


Just keep knitting!!!

annakatherine  – (5:46 pm)  

I have that pattern too! It's gorgeous. Which skirt are you opting for?

Jorth!  – (5:59 pm)  

The full skirt version!

Megan Sarson  – (6:50 pm)  
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Megan L  – (6:57 pm)  

I have this pattern on my 'want' list too- great chioce

oonaballoona  – (12:47 am)  

oh that bodice is DIVINE. i'm sure what's on your needles is just as delicious, but i can't wait to see this one...

Gail  – (7:35 am)  

Swoon! Beautiful shape and fabric. Be sure to post a wearing shot.

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