The Ultimate Pink Knitted Dress

I am loving working on my Betty cardigan at the moment, but I always find that I knit faster if I have another project lined up for after. Kind of like a carrot, urging me on. Except in this case it's not a tasty vegetable so much as a leaning tower of Baby Bamboo!

Baby Bamboo

Whooooo baby! Look at that pink! But soon it shall be learning tower no more, and instead will be the pinkest, raddest knitted dress of all time. I'm going to knit the Lace Maxi Dress from Noro Knitting Magazine Spring 2013, except mine is going to be shorter and whole lot more pinker.

Noro Dress

Yep, this dress totally needs to be made in hot pink yarn! I think I might need to seek out a slip for underneath, though. I may end up looking like a giant raspberry, but I don't want to be showing my actual raspberries, if you catch my drift.

Jennifer  – (1:31 pm)  

That dress is going to be gorgeous in raspberry. Can't wait to see it.

Neeno  – (1:48 pm)  

Wow, my heart just skipped a beat when I read "shorter and whole lot more pinker" reow, totally hot.

Amanda S.  – (2:19 pm)  

Great pun! I think this is going to be spectacular!

Julia Bobbin  – (4:25 pm)  

Gasp! And then you'll make me a matching one, right? RIGHT?!!!!
I had yarn envy as soon as you bought this and it's getting worse. Can't WAIT to see the finished garment!

trash  – (5:29 pm)  

Have used this for a shawl and it knits up beautifully with gorgeous drape.

SewJillian  – (7:14 pm)  

Oh my god you're insane! Have you looked at the amount of work in that incredible dress? Um yes, of course you have and based on your knitting skills it'll be a pushover. Sorry, I was thinking what my beginners reaction would be... You go girl, it'll totally rock in pink!

Jennifer C  – (11:32 pm)  

Wow! That's going to be an awesome dress.

Balles Bazaar  – (6:51 pm)  

That will bethe most awesome dress ever. Can't wait to see it going

Tanya  – (1:46 pm)  

oh i have the yarn ready to go for that dress too! I have a much more sensible autumnal brown colour though :P

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