Doing my bit...and then some.

In case you are wondering where I have been for the last couple of weeks, the answer is this: I've been chained to the sewing machine, making 23 dresses for the school fete. Every spare minute has been spent cutting, overlocking, stitching, rolling hems and finally threading sweet grosgrain ribbon until they were all done. My back may be sore from hunching over to sew, but I can honestly say that as a member of our school community I have well and truly done my bit.

But then, oddly? Crazily? Stupidly? I decided that I also needed to whip up a few dolls. Why, I hear you all asking? To be honest, I'm not truly sure. I think I have some bizarre school fete-over-committment issue.


But seriously, who could resist making a few of these? The pattern is from the wonderful, talented and generally all around awesome Nic of 60piggies, who kindly said "Sure kid, go for your life!" when I emailed to ask if she would mind me making some to raise money for Grumble's school. And let us not forget, this is the Best.Softie.Pattern.Ever. And it's free for your use too on her website. I love Nic. She's AWESOME!

So the fete tally for yours truly is 23 dresses and 4 dolls. And besides, just between you and me, I suck at making jam. So that ruled that one out. But sewing? Yeah... I can sew.


ms. modiste  – (10:42 am)  

Those dolls are AMAZING. I love them!

Rachel  – (11:13 am)  

I love the dolls so much!! They are fantastic.

Suz  – (12:27 pm)  

Well done! I hope the fete dress selling goes well!

Melissa G  – (1:58 pm)  

After 23 dresses you must have been on a roll. Those dolls are cute as.

Maureen  – (2:45 pm)  

A new sewing video blog that you may like.

Fer  – (3:47 pm)  

I thought after last years effort you wouldn't be making any more dresses. You work horse you!

The dolls are divine, how could you resist! Thanks for the link too. ♥

nikkishell  – (7:40 pm)  

OMG! They are god damn fabulous missus! Me thinks you may have trouble getting them all out of the house to the fete looking at that cheeky grin up there.

Tas  – (8:00 pm)  

Oh I am in love. They are divine. Thanks for sharing the link.

mem  – (10:54 pm)  

They are so cute . Are yu selling them at the fete and what are the dresses like . When is the fete?? I have very fond memories of primary school fetes . North Fitzroy Primary was our school.

cherri  – (12:00 am)  

You are too good. I love those dolls chubby and sweet. The fabric choice is darling@

Did you make the Ottobre dresses again? I seem to remember you making a whole heap once before for a fete?

Nice to see you keeping out of trouble...

Nik  – (5:22 am)  

If you can sew as well as this, who cares about your jam making abilities LOL. Those dolls are too cute.

nic  – (12:31 pm)  

heck yes, can you ever sew! that just might be the understatement of this century.

i do hope grumble's school realizes the gem they have in you, and i hope the fete is (was?) a rousing success!

oonaballoona  – (12:22 am)  


i may have to finally get up of my arse and sew this for the little girls in my life (something i've promised to do for 4 years now. i keep saying i want to wait till they're old enough to appreciate it. that excuse is running out).

::HARUNA::  – (4:18 pm)  

wow, that is a huge commitment and work! go jorth go!!

by the way,,, sorry for the delayed notice, but I have nominated you for Stylish Blogger Award! please share seven facts about you with us(if you haven't done it yet). look forward to reading about you!!


Kelley Elizabeth McDonald  – (7:41 am)  

For how much did you sell the dresses and dolls?

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